Capitalism is — by its very nature — destined to die.

The basic structure of capitalism is not a circle, reflecting the possibility of endlessness. The basic structure of capitalism is a continuously expanding spiral of growth. …

Democratic Party Platform Fails to Deliver on Climate Emergency

Face-to-face with a rapidly growing climate crisis and the threat of a second term of President Trump, one might assume the Democratic Party would be rallying around bold and urgent climate action in their party platform. One would be wrong.


Article updated 5/19/2019

Public banking is not a new concept. Countries across the world have used public banking to finance and power their economies for decades. Economic powerhouses like Germany continue to feature public banking as a cornerstone of their economy. …

California Democratic Party Resolutions Committee

On July 15th 2018, the California Democratic Party (CDP) passed a resolution supporting socially and environmentally responsible, state-chartered public banks. The state party resolution is a significant milestone for the public banking movement, as the CDP represents over 8.7 million registered Democrats.

The resolution was originally presented by Feel the…

Ben Hauck

Ben is a California Democratic Party delegate & an organizer with Revolution LA, Divest LA, Public Bank LA, Public Bank LB & California Public Banking Alliance

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